TDD with Monorail – Part 1

The first thing I want to look at is TDD, more specifically TDD on a Monorail project, I already have some experience developing with the Castle project but want to spend some time understanding the benefits of using a TDD approach on a greenfield project. I have read a bit about this methodology and even done some development using TDD but never had the oppertunity to develop on a project that I can take in my own direction with my own ideas, so here is my chance.

I will use a similar style to that of Ben Lovell’s series and a series by Andy Pike and see where it goes. My aim is to develop a forum system using .Net 3.5, Monorail, Windsor and ActiveRecord. I will of course need a testing framework to implement my TDD approach – I will be using NUnit as this is the new standard we have adopted at work and one that I am most familiar with. To comliment my unit testing I will be using Rhino mocks and the WatiN framework for my integration testing/spec’ing.

Right time to setup things up…


~ by Tim on 1 June 2008.

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